• One Platform For System Architecture, Design, And Verification

    Go beyond math-based modeling with a complete RF-aware design workflow, plus decades of Keysight measurement science in RF instrumentation, ready for any system architect.

    PathWave System Design offers the most advanced prototyping and design platform for complex RF systems with faster simulation speed, near-circuit fidelity, libraries for radar, electronic warfare, satellite, 5G, and WiFi, plus enterprise integration with numerous partners.

    Most Advanced Phased Array Design Platform

    Product development speed and agility are critical success factors for phased-array systems in the aerospace, 5G, and automotive industries.? Designers need a robust system design platform to meet these new challenges.

    Bring Your Systems To Life With Advanced Scenario Modeling

    Statistical models for propagation and channels can only take your system designs so far.? Dynamic kinematic modeling for radar, electronic warfare, satellite, 5G, and automotive are all possible with connections to tools such as STK by AGI, an Ansys Company.

    5G / 6G System Design

    Designers of advanced cellular systems need trusted reference libraries that are based on Keysight measurement science.? Researchers exploring the next generation of communications signals need a flexible platform for physical layer development and testing.

    PathWave System Design brings trusted Keysight signals and measurements to current generation system developers and provides the perfect testbed for developing future communications innovations.

    Connected Workflow Solutions

    Engineers don’t want to spend time connecting multiple tools together, passing data in disconnected formats, and verifying measurements by hand.

    PathWave System Design connects seamlessly with Keysight’s PathWave VSA software for advanced signal analysis.

    Designers using PathWave ADS can transfer circuit-accurate models to system designers, as well as board and module EM layout results.

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