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    5G Channel Sounding, Reference Solution

    LoadCore is the one-stop-shop for testing 5G Core. From end-to-end to node isolation, our solution simultaneously simulates multiple nodes and interfaces, perfect for recreating entire networks in your lab by using a topology-based user interface. Cloud native is central to the 5GC architecture and with its microservice architecture and options to be deployed either as a virtual machine (VM) or Container, LoadCore is fully aligned to this new paradigm. Full automation via REST API and Python allows users to create regressions for continuous validation of product quality and to adapt their environments to the CI/CD lifecycle demands.

    • Scale up to millions of subscribers and control traffic mix and intensity using network objectives to independently manage control- and user-planes
    • Validate 5G nodes and interfaces either by simulating individual nodes and interfaces or by deploying entire 5G Core
    • Cloud native architecture and capabilities; can be deployed as VM or Docker container in private or public clouds
    • 5G topology-driven webUI offers improved user experience in configuring network test
    • Intuitive and easy configuration of complex call models
    • Generic licensing scheme offers flexibility to grow with your needs and fit your budget; future-proof and pay-as-you-grow, protecting initial investment

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