The industry standard for automated network protocol validation

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    • Emulates large, multinode networks
    • Easily expands to accommodate new interface types, protocols, and/or test cases
    • Supports a comprehensive list of protocols, including unicast/multicast routing, bridging, IPv6, VPN, MPLS, PPP, TCP/IP, carrier Ethernet, and automotive Ethernet
    • Runs on minimal hardware, such as a PC with a Linux or Windows operating system and an Ethernet card
    • Functions with powerful test and analysis platform via a virtual network interface card (VNIC) driver

    The Industry Standard For Automated Network Protocol Validation

    Problem: Questioning Product Quality

    Throughout your product’s lifecycle, you need to verify your device design. Does the device’s protocol software meet specifications? How well does the device handle traffic from non-complying network components? How might new development impact existing code?

    Not only do these questions demand accurate responses, they also require speedy resolution, because identifying and addressing last-minute product reworks can be considerably time-consuming and costly.

    Solution: Validation That Keeps Costs Down, Confidence Up

    With Keysight's IxANVL (automated network validation library), you can quickly and effortlessly access a vast array of protocol libraries and utilities to validate protocol compliance and interoperability.

    Easy to use thanks to an enhanced GUI and flexible test automation capabilities, IxANVL delivers a number of key advantages. By emulating large, multinode networks, it not only reduces costs — it also leads to more efficient testing and faster product release times. And extensive and thorough automated testing increases your confidence in product quality.

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