• Supply Chain Transparency

    Statement on Eradication of Slavery and Human Trafficking

    Keysight is committed to compliance with the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 (effective January 1, 2012, the “California Act”) and the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (effective October 29, 2015, the “UK Act”). This Statement on Eradication of Slavery and Human Trafficking reflects Keysight’s efforts to combat forced and bonded labor in its business and supply chain. It is intended to provide current and potential customers, shareholders and employees the ability to make a better, more informed choice about the products and services they buy, the investments they make, and the company they support.


    Keysight Technologies, Inc., along with Keysight Technologies UK Limited (collectively, “Keysight”), is proud of its record of uncompromising integrity, its commitment to promoting human rights globally, and the measures it takes to uphold the highest standards of conduct among its employees, business partners and suppliers. This includes a commitment to comply with both the California Act and the UK Act.

    The California Act requires manufacturers and retailers doing business in the State of California to disclose information regarding their efforts to eradicate slavery and human trafficking from their direct supply chains. Similarly, the UK Act requires companies that supply goods and/or services in the United Kingdom to disclose information regarding their efforts to eradicate slavery and human trafficking from their own organization and direct supply chains.

    The sections below describe Keysight’s efforts to meet the letter and spirit of the California Act and the UK Act and address human rights issues generally.

    Employee Engagement

    Keysight and all its employees strictly adhere to the company’s Standards of Business Conduct (“SBC”), which states: “We are committed to respecting human rights throughout our global supply chain and do not knowingly conduct business with any individual or company that participates in the exploitation of children (including child labor), physical punishment, forced labor or human trafficking. We expect that anyone who conducts business on our behalf will operate ethically, in compliance with the law and in a manner that is consistent with our Standards and our policies.

    Annually, all Keysight employees complete training on our code of conduct and certify compliance with the SBC. In addition, Keysight conducts specialized training for procurement employees that emphasizes the importance of ensuring that Keysight’s suppliers abide by Keysight’s Supplier Code, including its prohibitions on slavery and human trafficking.

    Supply Chain Engagement

    Keysight maintains written policies that strictly prohibit the use of slavery or human trafficking in its direct supply chain. These include Keysight’s Supplier Code of Conduct (the “Supplier Code”), its Human Rights and Labor Policy and the SBC.

    The Supplier Code requires all Keysight suppliers to “comply with all applicable labor laws, rules, and regulations, including but not limited to, all laws forbidding the solicitation, facilitation, or any other use of slavery or human trafficking.” The Supplier Code also requires Keysight suppliers to abide by the bans on forced or compulsory labor set forth in International Labour Organization guidelines, including Article 2 of the Forced Labour Convention 29 and Article 1 in the Abolition of Forced Labour Convention 105.

    Keysight communicates to all suppliers its expectation that they comply with our Supplier Code, including the provisions barring forced labor, slavery or human trafficking. Keysight further requires suppliers to certify their compliance with the Supplier Code and all its provisions.


    Keysight has the right to audit all suppliers for compliance with its Supplier Code. Keysight employs an independent third party to audit and evaluate suppliers’ compliance with the Supplier Code, including monitoring each supplier’s compliance with all applicable labor laws governing forced labor, slavery and human trafficking, as set forth in both the California Act and the UK Act.


    Keysight has a zero-tolerance policy for violations of laws banning forced labor, slavery and human trafficking. Keysight’s contractual terms and conditions permit the termination of a supplier for even a single violation.

    Similarly, Keysight’s employee disciplinary policy permits a range of measures, up to and including termination, for Keysight employees involved in any misconduct related to human rights abuses.


    It is essential to Keysight that all persons involved in the production of our products, whether Keysight employees or not, are treated with dignity and respect. Keysight will continue to update its policies and procedures as needed to ensure that it has appropriate safeguards against any mistreatment of persons involved in our direct supply chain.

    This policy pertains to all of Keysight for our fiscal year 2020 and beyond. It has been specifically reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors of Keysight Technologies UK Limited, in accordance with the requirements of the UK Act.

    Date: April 14, 2020

    Ingrid Estrada

    Ingrid Estrada
    Senior Vice President, Chief People and Administrative Officer, Chief of Staff
    Keysight Technologies, Inc.

    Chris Rennie

    Chris Trim
    Managing Director
    Keysight Technologies UK Limited