• Oscilloscope Measurements You Can Count On

    Whether you design, debug, or perform compliance tests, you need proven measurement technology to be successful. Our oscilloscope hardware, with industry-leading signal integrity, high effective number of bits (ENOB), and the fastest waveform update rates, captures the true performance of your device under test. Couple this with superior protocol decoding, analysis, and compliance software, and you’re guaranteed to get measurements you can trust.

    Which Oscilloscope Probe Do You Need?

    Keysight offers a broad range of voltage, current, and optical probing solutions for InfiniiVision and Infiniium Series oscilloscopes.

    Check out this guide to see which probe is right for your testing needs.

    Oscilloscope Probes: Step up Your Game

    Understanding common probing mistakes is crucial to making accurate measurements.

    Probes can introduce loading, noise, and jitter into your system. The electrical behavior of your probes greatly affects your measurement results and potentially even the operation of your device. Learn how to avoid common?oscilloscope probing pitfalls in this eBook.

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